The Recipe for Success

by By Andrew Flaherty

Everyone has heard of the Milton Wildcats’ outstanding season in 2015. With an overall record of 11-1, they proved themselves to be the [...]

Lindsay Ell: Honorary Bostonian.

by Patrick Davoren

 On a vibrant Saturday night, soon-to-be country music sensation, Lindsay Ell sits atop a small table directly opposite me. We are in a [...]

Choosing The Right Path

by By Emmet Kevaney

The notoriety of the Dakota Access Pipeline situation as increased in the past month, but this conflict started in January, when the building [...]

Seniors Plan to Override School Board Decision

by By Paige Purcell

This year, the school committee has decided that it is mandatory that seniors take finals. Seniors at Milton High School have never had [...]

Milton High News!

by Liam Connolly

Oh my goodness, you did it! You made it to the Milton High School website! Well here’s your reward, a super secret website [...]

Senior Send Off: Josh Kery

by Josh Kery

Yes, it’s true; as a small child I did read the newspaper. In fact I was known to run down to Tedeschi’s Food [...]

(Two!) New Additions to the Girls’ Tennis Team

by Kelsey Foran

This spring season, the girls’ tennis team has welcomed not one, but two new coaches: Nicole Young, a second grade teacher at Cunningham [...]

Run Milton! Run!

by Matt McAuliffe

The bar is set high, and has been high for Coach Shaw’s teams for over ten years now. [...]

Ode to Dembowski

by Matt McAuliffe

In the United States of America football is not a sport; it is a lifestyle at any level, whether it is professional football, college football, or in this case, high school football. [...]

Girls Cross Country Ends Their Season on a Dominant Note.

by Orlane Destin

The Lady Wildcats Cross Country Team placed first in their championship meet last Saturday, with a tremendous effort shown by the girls. Despite [...]

1,000 Paper Cranes, 1,000 Creases, 1 Sensational Senbazuru

by By James Le

Cranes have been revered as holy creatures throughout Asia and serve as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Many stories claim that [...]

A Manageable Meeting with Mr. Moray

by Zachary Cormier

This year in Milton High, there are several new teachers. One of these teachers is Mr. Moray, who teaches computer science, as well [...]

Black Lives Matter, A Movement Against Police Brutality not Against the Police

by Orlane Destin

Black Lives Matter, A Movement Against Police Brutality not Against the Police By Orlane Destin For the longest time racism has existed, people [...]

Horoscopes, Jokes and a Portal to 1998

by Nathan Liberty: Horoscopes, jokes Meredith McGroarty: Portal to 1998

TAURUS (4/20 – 5/20)  Leaving the Chinese restaurant is made up of such sweet ‘n sour sorrow that I don’t know if I [...]

Is “Darling” Disney Dead? Girl Meets World Season Three to Shake Things Up

by Meredith McGroarty

Is darling Disney dead or just adjusting to a modern world? Disney is notorious for censoring as much as possible in order to [...]